Benefits of Custom Curtains and Draperies

Yes, custom curtains and draperies cost more than those bought online or at a big-box store. But, with that added cost comes added luxury and quality. After all, you get what you pay for, right? Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, we can focus on the many benefits of creating custom window treatments for your Baltimore, Maryland home with Exceptional Views.


With hundreds of fabrics from well-known brands to choose from, the selection is much more varied when you create custom draperies with us as opposed to buying pre-made curtains. But the options don’t stop there. Any fabric you choose can be used to create whatever style of curtain or drapery you want. You can personalize your window treatment even further with trims or tassels, as well as valances to help you conceal possibly unsightly mounting hardware.


Because custom curtains are being made specifically for your home, you can coordinate the windows in your home with matching fabric in different styles. Have window length curtains in your eating area, a valance over your kitchen sink, and full-length curtains in your great room – all in the same fabric. Being able to select the exact fabric and style of your drapery also makes it easy to coordinate with existing blinds or shades.


Custom drapery is made to order, and no detail is overlooked. We ensure that every hem is straight and that patterns match at all the seams, and are made 100% to your specifications. If you choose, we can add a lining to your curtains or draperies to protect the fabric from damaging UV rays and to increase light control and insulation.


When you decide to purchase custom drapery, you get more than just the product, you get the service that comes with it. Our team of experts will help you select a fabric and style, measure your windows to guarantee the proper fit, and professionally install the curtain or drapery when complete. There is no comparison between the personal attention and detail you get from custom-made draperies as opposed to big-box curtains. Never go home with buyer’s remorse again, because you will be sure to know that what you got was exactly what you wanted.

The benefits of custom drapery for your home are endless! Call founder and CEO Cheryl Millhausen at Exceptional Views in Baltimore, Maryland to start creating your personal window fashions today. We also serve the greater Baltimore area, Lutherville, and the surrounding areas.