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5 Benefits of Choosing Motorized Window Treatments

There are a lot of alternatives to consider when searching for the perfect window treatment upgrade. After choosing your ideal color and style, homeowners can now leap into the future with fully automated window treatments. To help you determine whether an automated solution is right for your home, this blog post will outline the key advantages you can expect once the installation is complete.

5 Benefits of Choosing Motorized Window Treatments Near Baltimore Maryland (MD) like Lowered Energy Bills.

Lowered Energy Bills

Hunter Douglas has a commitment to creating window treatments that effectively insulate homes at their weakest spots. Naturally, that commitment carries over to motorized window treatment solutions as well. As a bonus, motorized window treatments also have custom scheduling, allowing homeowners to minimize heat gain in the summer and heat loss in the winter.

Ease of Use

The ease of use of motorized shades is truly unbeatable. Ready to open your shade? Simply grab the remote, press a button, and you’re done! Is the remote in another room? Your smartphone will do the trick as well. If that sounds like too much work, simply allow them to operate automatically in sync with sunrise and sunset! Even if you are on vacation, you’ll have complete control over the configuration of your window treatments in just a moment’s notice.

Child Friendly

Motorization eliminates the need for cords or strings hanging from window treatments. In turn, this eliminates the chance of damage or even injury from children or pets playing with the blinds.

Protect Your Furniture

Completely custom scheduling comes with a few underrated advantages you may be able to benefit from. Many homeowners choose to rely on custom scheduling to create an illusion of their presence at home while they are away on vacation. If your home has any high sunlight areas, you can also configure your window treatments to shelter furniture from high sunlight and potential fading on summer days.

Improved Resale Value

Like all Hunter Douglas solutions, PowerView® Automation is a custom-tailored solution specifically designed for each window of the home. When the time comes to sell, you can expect this desirable feature to boost resale value. Home automation and green features are extremely sought after, and automated window treatments offer both of these perks.

Discover the Perfect Motorized Window Treatments with Exceptional Views

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