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4 Myths About Blinds

Many customers are surprised to find out that they have been clinging to myths about blinds for years when they prepare to purchase their own blinds and window treatements for the first time. Are there only a handful of options of blinds to choose from? Is there really a difference between affordable and more luxurious options? In this blog, we will be busting some of the most common myths about blinds.

4 Myths About Blinds near Baltimore, Lutherville, Hunt Valley, Timonium, Sparks, Annapolis, & Ruxton, Maryland (MD)

Custom Blinds Are Too Expensive

The price of custom blinds is one of the biggest myths about blinds. At Exceptional Views, we offer a broad range of custom window treatments, including custom blinds, designed to meet the needs of customers at any price point. Many customers with off-the-shelf blinds end up wishing that they invested in custom blinds to experience the custom-cut and perfect fit for their space.

There Aren’t Many Options

The lack of options is another common one of the myths about blinds, In reality, there are hundreds of different options for blind customization to match your interior perfectly. Exceptional Views has options for cordless blinds, continuous cord loop operation blinds, dozens of colors and textures and blackout or privacy liners. It’s never been easier to find exactly what you’re looking for when it comes to blinds and window treatments.

It’s Hard to Keep Them Clean

While some colors and textures of blinds and shades are more likely to accumulate dust and dirt, every type of blinds can be cleaned with the right tools. A mild cleaner can get rid of most dirt, and our experts can assist you in selecting a style, color and texture that are appropriate for your preferred level of maintenance.

Window Shades Are Hard to Operate

Another one of the most popular myths about blinds and shades is that they are difficult to operate. We stock numerous cordless and motorized shades that give you the look you want at the touch of a button. Depending on what you choose, you can even set them up to open or close at specific times of day.

Exceptional Views Makes It Easy to Find the Right Blinds

Exceptional Views is your best resource for stunning window treatments, shutters, drapery, top treatments and more in the greater Baltimore, MD area. We offer in-home consultation to find the perfect window solutions for your home and needs. To learn more about our winter window treatment options or schedule your complimentary design consultation, contact Exceptional Views today through our website here or by calling (410) 236-5051.