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Top Window Treatment Recommendations

Sustainability is unquestionably important year-round, but we find that the topic comes up more often during the coldest and hottest times of year. That’s because a well-insulated home is a sustainable one. If cold air is making its way into your home during the wintertime, that means that warm air is naturally escaping as well. This is bad for the environment, and obviously makes the cold winter that much more difficult to bear. As such, we’d like to cover a few of our favorite sustainable window treatment recommendations specifically for winter.

Top Window Treatment Recommendations near Baltimore, Lutherville, Hunt Valley, Timonium, Maryland (MD)

Honeycomb Shades

When it comes to naming the best all-around sustainable window treatment choice, we have to give it to Duette Honeycomb Shades. The internal pockets of the shades traps in cold or hot air from outside and allows even drafty windows to play their part in making your home both comfortable and sustainable. While honeycomb shades are definitely the best choice for sustainability, they certainly don’t compromise on style either. With fabric opacities from sheer to opaque, Duette Shades maximize light control and privacy, allowing you to achieve the perfect aesthetic in your home along with their inherent temperature regulation characteristics.


Straight away, it’s worth keeping in mind that shutters will not be able to match the insulative properties of a cellular shade. However, if you prefer the aesthetic of shutters, you can still trust them to do a decent job of keeping cold air outside. When closed, the slats press against the frame and create a barrier that traps any cold air that may otherwise creep into the home. Once installed, you’ll also be able to adjust them as you see fit to easily allow light to pour in and add a little extra warmth to your home. For this reason, many homeowners opt to install shutters on south facing windows.

PowerView Automation from Hunter Douglas

Regardless of the window treatment you use this winter, PowerView Automation can bring its sustainability to the next level. If your windows are not drafty, you will unquestionably be able to use sunlight to help warm your home on those winter days when the sun is shining yet the temperature remains low.  The system allows complete automation of window treatments, meaning you can adjust your window coverings based on sunrise, hot afternoon sunlight, sunset, and bedtime. Alternatively, you can also make adjustments on the fly based on sunlight and temperature using your smart assistant or the included remote control.

Increase the Sustainability of Your Home with the Right Window Treatment Solution from Exceptional Views

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