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When Should Homeowners Choose Custom Drapery?

If you are searching for new drapery, it’s no secret that you can probably shop around and find a ready-made solution at a cheaper price than a custom solution. So, why would you choose the pricier option of the two? In this blog, we provide several reasons why many homeowners choose to invest in custom drapery and drapery hardware for their homes.

When Should Homeowners Choose Custom Drapery near Baltimore, Maryland (MD)

Perfect Sizing for Every Window

One of the most notable tradeoffs of ready-made drapery is that they are mass produced products. That means that only so many length and width combinations can be created and pushed to market. While you may end up finding adequate coverage for certain windows throughout your home, you may run into problems if your home is also equipped with specialty windows that require exact measurements. With custom drapery, you can be certain that each window throughout the home is outfitted with the perfect amount of coverage rather than simply hoping for the best.

Customized Aesthetic and Functions

When choosing ready-made solutions, your selection of colors and patterns will be limited to current availability. Naturally, a custom solution allows you to make these choices to ensure the final product perfectly matches your expectations. Critically, you can also select specific functions for your drapery as needed.

For example, many homeowners choose to add a liner that protects their drapery from damaging UV rays. With a ready-made solution, your selection will be greatly reduced if this is a feature you desire. On the other hand, you have complete control of these choices with a custom solution. You can even select UV protection for southern facing windows and opt out for northern facing windows to give protection where it is needed the most.

Better Warranty

An underrated bonus of choosing custom window coverings is that they usually come with better warranties than ready-made solutions.  All draperies, and any other window treatments from Hunter Douglas, are covered by a limited lifetime warranty for as long as you own them. Defects in fabrics, materials, and workmanship are 100% covered. Operational cords are covered for 7 years after purchase and motorized components are covered for 5 years.

Upgrade Your Home with Custom Drapery from Exceptional Views

Exceptional Views is your best resource for stunning window treatments, shutters, drapery, top treatments and more in the greater Baltimore, MD area. We offer in-home consultation to find the perfect window solutions for your home and needs. To learn more about our winter window treatment options or schedule your complimentary design consultation, contact Exceptional Views today through our website here or by calling (410) 236-5051.